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Sponsor an FeLV Vaccine

Sponsor an FeLV Vaccine

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Give a Zen Cat Sanctuary cat or kitten a new lease on life with your help! FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) is an untreatable and fatal disease, and the only way to protect cats from it is through vaccination. By sponsoring a Zen Cat Sanctuary FeLV Vaccine, you can provide them with the opportunity to live healthy and happy lives!

Zen Cat Sanctuary is dedicated to supporting cats in need and providing them with the best possible medical care. By sponsoring a FeLV vaccine, you can help give cats the chance they deserve to remain healthy and safe. Helping these cats will not only lead to better quality of life for them but will also help Zen Cat Sanctuary prevent or reduce the number of cats with FeLV.

Be part of something greater, show your compassion and make an impact today by sponsoring a Zen Cat Sanctuary FeLV Vaccine.

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